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But, I know that when you're facing a bully, acting rationally isn't always what happens. Unfortunately, all both do is escalate or enable the situation. It means expressing your thoughts, feelings, needs and wants in a relationship, said psychologist Julie de Azevedo Hanks, Ph. However, many of us have a hard time being assertive with certain people. Maybe it’s someone you perceive as more powerful or even “better” than you. But bullying is something that goes on throughout our lives. We can experience it in the workplace, in a relationship, in a friendship and most likely in a divorce. Their aim is to bully you out of your fair share in the marital asset division. It’s more drastic than what goes on at the playground. Sometimes the bully ex will hire a ‘bully lawyer’ to intimidate you. A bully finds out your weaknesses or fears and plays on them. Typically, bullies prey on the weakest one or the soft hearted.

The reason we get frustrated in our lives is that things we want to happen don’t. For example: you might wear something else to cook breakfast in.

If that’s the position you need to take it’s probably for a good reason.

Either you are protecting your assets, your children or your own personal safety.

She’s found that most people who have a hard time acting assertively haven’t reflected on what they think, feel, need and want.“If you have uncertainty or don’t have conviction about what you want to express, it’s really difficult to behave assertively.”To get clarity, she suggested simply asking yourself questions, like the below, on a regular basis: Hanks also recommended using a feelings word list to describe how you’re currently feeling.

My husband controls who I have for friends, what kinds of meetings I go to, what I should wear to cook breakfast in. You really do have some choices before you move out.

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