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, “The Quest” (aired February 8, 1995) There are few things more frustrating than the finale that isn’t a finale, and since this is series star Rob Morrow’s last episode, you’d think that this would also be where the quirky drama ends, too.

Luckily, “The Quest” sent him off poignantly — have fun back in New York, Joel — and the remaining eight episodes of the show are surprisingly good even in his absence.

Researcher Dr Michael Hornberger, of the University of East Anglia, said: 'One of the first effects of dementia is a loss of spatial navigation and that's why it's of paramount importance we find out more about how the brain's spatial navigation abilities, in order to identify what goes wrong during the onset of dementia.'The amount of data that has already been generated by people playing Sea Hero Quest all around the world is phenomenal and is enabling us to reveal a vital global benchmark of how people, of all ages and from all over the use spatial navigation.'The team, which also involves scientists at University of East Anglia, is now planning a trial of 100 Alzheimer's patients, to start next year, to confirm that the game can be used as a diagnostic tool.

The scientists built five proven experiments into the game, testing: basic navigational wayfinding; recognising landmarks; navigating complex situations involving several options; sense of direction; and response and rote learning.

The leak caused a lot of drama with celebs all over the world, but not as much for Miss Swanepoel.

Some celebrity women had ten times more private photos exposed to the internet ( Jennifer Lawrence had one of the biggest hacks of them all, see her pics here).

was a solid alternative in the “blue-collar woman does things her way” genre.

In “Horse,” Grace’s seemingly perfect new boyfriend admits that he’s celibate, a declaration Grace doesn’t take all that well.

“ ‘Jaws’ was the first big, blockbuster outdoor-adventure film.

[laughs] So, I’m his lackey, and I’m dressed like a doofus: a safari jacket, a pink t-shirt, a fisherman’s hat, and I have zinc oxide on my nose. [laughs] So, our characters travel to Lake Havasu to film our next spring break video. Mc Queen—yeah, the grandson of Steve Mc Queen—stumbles across our website.

Now, Jerry and I had to shoot all of this footage for real.

It was actually crazy, because when I first heard about this movie, it was like, “Elizabeth Shue is in ’06) was directing. And they were putting Desitin on my nose, which is a baby diaper rash ointment.

So, I auditioned on a Tuesday, got the part on a Thursday, and was told that I needed to be on set by Saturday. Leading into your role in the film: Similar to my obsession with . If Jerry wasn’t Jerry, you could buy him as this Joe Francis guy. Basically, in this world Jerry is a Joe Francis-like character who runs a fictional website called . So, I was smelling like clean baby butt during the shoot, that was the only smell getting in there.

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