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For a complete reference of the API, see the generated API documentation.Separate pages describe the support for parsing XML, executing XPath and XSLT, validating XML and interfacing with other XML tools through the SAX-API.The versions of libxml2 and libxslt are available through the attributes While lxml.etree itself uses the Element Tree API, it is possible to replace the Element implementation by custom element subclasses.

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Oracle XML DB Repository provides you with a hierarchical organization of XML content in the database.

There are however some incompatibilities (see compatibility). If you need to know which version of lxml is installed, you can access the attribute to retrieve a version tuple.

Note, however, that it did not exist before version 1.0, so you will get an Attribute Error in older versions.

For our purposes, the word "document" refers not only to traditional documents, like this one, but also to the myriad of other XML "data formats". SGML has been the standard, vendor-independent way to maintain repositories of structured documentation for more than a decade, but it is not well suited to serving documents over the web (for a number of technical reasons beyond the scope of this article).

Oracle XML DB is a set of Oracle Database technologies related to high-performance handling of XML data: storing, generating, accessing, searching, validating, transforming, evolving, and indexing.

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