Options for updating kitchen countertops

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the problem, is that the counter top was done so terribly that after a month of normal use it was bubbling at the corner seam pulling from the wall not completely caulked all the way....

So with the landlords dime, I requested to re-do this lousy job. Note: If you were to go buy that "Generic" countertop to replace it, it would cost the same as what I paid for all my materials.

Follow Chelsea | two twenty one’s board Kitchen on Pinterest. I’m kind of glad I spent 6 months hemming and hawing over what to go with.Ceramic tile is a practical method used to cover existing countertops.One requirement to tiling an existing countertop is that it must have square edges.Anyway, you can read more of what I had to say about polyurea here.So I was incredibly anxious for him to see my countertops and tell me what could be done.

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