Intimidating strike feat 3 5

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I felt the need to take ranger 4 early to get my free precise shot, now looking to get arti to 4 (class feat Improved precise shot) and up to 6 for turret and fusillade.I am questioning the 4 ranger levels at all since I see no real help in the DS or AA enhancement trees, but I like free feats.This is the number of feat points required to take this feat.

When you make a defend action and your roll exceeds the attacker's action roll, you can choose to redirect the attack to a target that is neither you, nor the attacker.Circle of the Land (Circle Spells) → As spellcasting above, all of these spells are available via Energy (Forced Move, Intimidated, Knockdown, Persistent Damage, Blinded, Demoralized), Spellcasting → Attributes that access relevant banes and boons include Influence (Charmed, Dominated, Fear, Intimidated, Demoralized), Prescience (Detection, Bolster, Blindsight, Truesight, Mind Dredge, Seeing), or Alteration (Resistance, Transmutation, Regeneration), Influence (Phantasm, Invisiblility).Circle of the Land (Land’s Stride) → Should probably be handled via GM granting the druid advantage in travel speed depending on an Alteration roll or similar Circle of the Land (Nature’s Ward) → Extraordinary Defense feat Circle of the Land (Nature’s Sanctuary) → Charmed and/or Dominated bane(s) via the Influence attribute Circle of the Moon (Combat Wild Shape) → Boon Focus II (Shapeshift) feat Circle of the Moon (Circle Forms) → Accessible via increased Alteration attribute score Circle of the Moon (Primal Strike) → Not applicable; magical attack requirement / foe immunity doesn’t exist in Open Legend Circle of the Moon (Elemental Wild Shape) → Available by default, even at low level with Alteration attribute, potency of the elemental form merely increases with Alteration attribute Circle of the Moon (Thousand Forms) → Extraordinary Presence perk Fighting Style (Archery) → Attack Specialization (Longbow) feat Fighting Style (Defense) → Armor Mastery feat Fighting Style (Dueling) → Attack Specialization (Any Weapon) feat Fighting Style (Great Weapon Fighting) → Attack Specialization (Any Weapon) feat Fighting Style (Protection) → Battlefield Defender feat Fighting Style (Two-Weapon Fighting) → Multi-Attack Specialist feat Second Wind → Tough as Nails feat Action Surge → Multiple tiers of the Multi-Attack Specialist feat Extra Attack → Multiple tiers of the Multi-Attack Specialist feat Indomitable → Resilient feat Martial Archetype (Improved Critical) → Vicious Strike feat Martial Archetype (Remarkable Athlete) → Skill Specialization (Might) feat Martial Archetype (Additional Fighting Style) → Same as above Martial Archetype (Superior Critical) → Attack Specialization (Any Weapon) Martial Archetype (Survivor) → Boon Access (Regeneration) feat Battle Master (Combat Superiority – Maneuvers) → These maneuvers are all available as banes or boons, take the Bane Focus or Boon Focus feat in any of these: Demoralized, Intimidated, Knockdown, Forced Move, and Bolster Battle Master (Know Your Enemy) → Handled with a Perception check Battle Master (Relentless) → Combat maneuvers are all at-will so there’s no need for an ability to regain use of them Eldritch Knight (Spellcasting) → Spells typically associated with arcane magic are accessible via attributes like Energy (Forced Move, Intimidated, Knockdown, Persistent Damage, Blinded, Demoralized), Alteration (Resistance, Transmutation, Regeneration), Influence (Phantasm, Invisiblility), Movement (Teleport, Levitation, Flight) and Protection (Resistance, Restoration, Dispel).Whenever your primary form gains new attribute points or levels up, your alternate form also gains points according to the above formulas. Additionally, when changing forms, if your hit points would be reduced to less than 1, your hit point total becomes 1 instead. With GM approval, you may take this feat multiple times. Multiple Alternate Forms can be a powerful way of accumulating new feat points and attributes.As a focus action, you may change between any two forms (including your primary form or any alternate form). Each form is treated as a completely different character for mechanical purposes - possessing different attributes, feats, perks, flaws, and other defining characteristics. The GM should prevent players from exploiting the feat to create an overly powerful character.

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