Dating situations

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I have no idea what to do…A: This is such a tough situation—there's nothing that can come between a friendship like a guy!I think your best move here is to talk to your friend about how you're feeling.3) You feel so taken aback by how nice they look you either double down or totally skimp the compliments. Let me just grip you for a little longer than normal, but like… Like something you both totally disagree on or some weird school gossip that actually involves them. 7) Frantically maximizing their bathroom break for phone checking time so that you look very important.They make your heart skip when they aren’t dressed for a date, so now it’s like… Congratulations, you are now a pro at clearing and reading all your notifications in less than five minutes."Breadcrumbing" is the latest way noncommittal dater’s string along prospective mates. But, local matchmaker and dating expert Hope Rike from "It's Just Lunch Dating Service" was here to tell us more details.

There are some awkward dating situations that happen to everyone, even the *coolest* girls who seem to do everything right. There’s no way to know unless you get real about how awkward and strange dating is. Check ’em out below – I bet some of these sound more than a little familiar.

8) You use the bathroom so you can text your friends and end up staying in there for way too long.

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Sure it's tough to cut yourself off at first, but the more you talk to him, the harder it's going to be to move on.

(Plus, when you're not around your go-to crush, it forces you to start talking to—and flirting with— best friends.

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