Glass dating

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All of our glass panels are made in our Lowell studio, using hand tools and the same basic fabrication techniques dating back over the past 150 years. We provide an installation kit and simple-to-follow instructions. Our panels simply attach to the Andersen sash and sit up against the interior of the Andersen insulated glass. You may also want to have a look at our Victorian and Prairie window catalogues.Your window will still open and close and you’re able to use your screens. Although transparent in thin sections, the glass is greenish-blue in thick sections from impurities.

Our reputation is founded upon the fine, delicate, floral art glass paperweights that have been highly sought treasures among collectors for years.

The art glass panel is simply set against the Andersen insulated glass and is held in place with a wood molding which is included as part of an installation kit available with every order. He’ll gladly discuss your individual project ideas and provide a price quote.

Whether you’re looking to obscure a view, create a privacy screen while allowing for maximum day-lighting, or create an elegant local point, Joseph Pompei will work directly with you throughout the order process to assure the creation of a unique art glass window, taking into account your size, color palette, and privacy needs. For additional design ideas we invite you to browse our Portfolios and In-Stock Gallery pages.

Helens great from its humble beginnings to its rise a world leader in Glass making. Helens isn’t only Glass, there was a thriving coal community.

Plus you can find out what the connection is between a cold remedy and classical music.

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