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At the 2003 Edinburgh Festival Fringe he won the Perrier award with his show If I....

In 2004, Martin had his own Comedy Central Presents stand-up special. In the first, he performed in traditional stand-up comedy fashion.

Demetri Martin is an American comedian, actor, artist and a musician. He spent most of his school days studying his puzzle books and teaching himself a set of ‘useless talents’ such as juggling, riding a unicycle, and being ambidextrous.

He is known for his stand-up comedy in his Comedy Central show “Important Things with Demetri Martin” as well as his contributions on “The Daily Show”. From the sixth grade, he ran for president or vice-president and won every year.

The comic is now 43 himself, though he admitted jokingly that he might “seem like kind of a man-child.” Having achieved some distance from the trauma, he felt he could “maybe try to tell a story about grief.” He knew it wasn’t going to be easy: “Once you get into this death territory I could see you could lose people pretty quickly— or just, it’s kind of a drag, you know.” Especially since the story deals not just with the grief of Dean but also with that of his father (Kevin Kline), who is dipping his toes back into the dating waters while grieving for his wife.

Adding to the challenge, the first-time director couldn’t count on the instant validation he gets in comedy clubs.

Actually, the film about a Brooklyn cartoonist (played by Martin) grieving for his mother wasn’t going to be the standup comic’s first feature.

He told the crowd at Bow Tie Cinemas in Chelsea that he had finished two other scripts that were “more concepty” and “a little bit more beyond the regular experience that we have.” But, as a first-time director, he wasn’t sure he could get the money for them or pull them off.

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“Come on out as Funny Or Die and Next Gen Climate bring comedy and democracy together in a historic fashion.So he turned to the script that “started with a story that was very personal and autobiographical.” When he was 20, Martin lost his father (also named Dean), who was 46.“It was a big surprise to my whole family, quite a shock,” Martin said.In 2003, he won the Perrier Award with his show If I….From 2003-04, he wrote for Late Night with Conan O' Brien.

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