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Sexual appetite (libido) tends to wax and wane – there are periods in our lives when we have little desire for sex, and other periods when sex assumes an overriding importance. So losing interest in sex is probably a temporary phase, and not a disaster.

In fact it is only a problem if it means there is an imbalance between our desires and those of our partner, if it makes our partner feel unloved and frustrated, or if we ourselves feel unhappy because of it.

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Array Avalon women looking to fuck Come and get treated like A Lady Hello ladies let me take a moment on your time.One of the most common sexual complaints men present to their primary care physicians is trouble “getting hard” and “keeping it up.” For the last 20 years the treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) has improved tremendously with the advent of medications such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.Over 75 percent of men taking these medications are able to restore erections.For example, the inability to maintain erection often leads to feelings of shame because many men believe that “real” men should be able to satisfy their partner.And the only—or best—way to satisfy their partner requires an erection.

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