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Jon Gosselin got more dressed up than down for his big debut as a male stripper, and about the only skin he showed was his legs ... READ MORE Jon Gosselin is proud of the work he puts in at T. Jon went on the "Kannon and Sybil" radio show Wednesday in Dallas and was… but first, they gotta be able to handle the 8 that go along with it.

READ MORE Jon Gosselin will make his debut as a stripper at a club in Caesars Atlantic City. the former reality TV star got involved through friends who are running… Friday's, and says he donated his pay to multiple charities.

Unfortunately for the matriarch, being a mom is already a pretty thankless job…

but especially when your kids don't want anything to do with you.

Her embattled ex-husband, meanwhile, sported scruff and shades for the occasion, as he appeared sentimental while sifting through the items laid out in rows.

According to local radio station PHOTOS: The Gosselin family album Jon's role in the sale remains unknown, though he has dealt with some financial setbacks recently.

Kate Gosselin may be famous for being the world's busiest helicopter parent, but that's about where her association with the aircraft stops.

Jon Gosselin had his stripping debut on Saturday night — as part of his 40th birthday celebration — only (a) he didn't actually strip, and (b) the whole thing was a bizarre April Fools' Day joke because he apparently hates the media?!?! Reports at the club — Dusk Nightclub in Atlantic City, New Jersey — had it that Jon was FAR from X-rated, only going so far as to show off a few (fully clothed) dance moves alongside the . Then, early this morning, Jon released a bizarre and kind of uncomfortable video on Facebook where he complained about the media and insinuated that the whole strip club joke was a spoof Splish splash, she is taking a pass!

No offense to Jon Gosselin, but I’m all about my kids right now.

The bad news is that someone thought it wasn’t a bad idea.

We speak of the alleged reality-show pilot — or at least a producer’s pitch for one — that would have Jon Gosselin of “Jon & Kate Plus 8” and younger-woman-dating infamy go on a date with Octomom Nadya Suleman.

I mean, we all know that he’s willing to go to any extent to make Kate look bad, especially as he’s previously stated, “ Except if Kate Gosselin was spanking her kids, child services would have found some evidence of it.

And they didn’t, so while we could discuss Kate’s pathetic parenting skills for the next few hours, we can conclude that she’s not guilty of physical abuse – no matter how hard Jon Gosselin tries to convince us otherwise.

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